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2015 Training Day

Posted On: Apr 07, 2015 (14:14:14)

 Announcing the 2nd Annual Denver Training Day. It will take place on Sept 10, 2015 in downtown Denver and feature some awesome speakers. Stay tuned for more information on the event to be annonced soon!



2015 Registration

Posted On: Apr 07, 2015 (14:12:44)

 Registration for the 2015 climb will open on July 1 at 0800 MST and will again be limited to the first 343 firefighters. The 2014 event filled in less than 15 minutes, so we encourage you to be securely at a computer when registration opens. More information to come. 


Updated On: Jul 01, 2014 (08:09:00)

15 minutes?!

Thank you.




1801 California

Posted On: Aug 31, 2012 (13:37:07)

We have had an absolutely amazing run at 1801 California for ever single climb that we have done after the first one. This year, we are pleased to announce that our great relationship with the building will continue through a partnership with Brookfield Asset Management; the buildings new management group. When you see one of them on the morning of the climb, take a minute to thank them for their support, and tell them what the event means to you. We are honored to be able to work hand-in-hand with them to continue our outstanding stair climb tradition.

Info On The 343

Posted On: Sep 15, 2011 (15:35:05)

If you are looking to get in touch with the family of the firefighter you climbed for, start here:


You can download a spreadsheet from the NFFF that has a bio on each of the firefighters (please don't change any of the information once you have downloaded it).


Download: 343-1.xls
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